This Is The Only Photo Of Neil Armstrong On The Moon


Both astronauts had extensive photography training in preparation for the mission.


Have you ever gone on an trip with friends, only to discover afterward that there’s only one picture of you from the whole trip, and it includes your posterior rather than your face? Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong could probably relate to that. He’s partially visible, or shows up as a reflection, in about four other photos. But this photo of him with his back to the camera, working on something attached to the outside of the lunar module, is the only full-body image of Armstrong on the surface of the Moon.

That’s because for most of the astronauts’ time on the lunar surface, Armstrong was holding the camera, so nearly all the photos are of Buzz Aldrin. (Moms everywhere can also relate.) Both astronauts were focused on the mission, which required them to perform a long list of carefully-rehearsed tasks on a tightly-packed schedule. They commented later that neither of them had been thinking about who was included in the photos; they were trying to get the job done.

The reflection in Aldrin’s helmet is no accident; Armstrong and Aldrin set up the shot very carefully.


There also aren’t any photos of both astronauts together on the lunar surface — except for this fantastic shot of Aldrin, with Armstrong and the lunar module reflected in the mirrored visor of his spacesuit helmet.

The reflection itself is a detailed look at Tranquility Base.


Aldrin took this photo of Armstrong inside the lunar module after the two astronauts had finished their historic EVA.

Buzz Aldrin took this photo of Armstrong in the lunar module after their EVA.


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