Microsoft Partners NASA to Get Kids Interested in Space


Microsoft’s education arm and NASA have come together to create online lessons to get school students interested about space.

The eight online lesson plans range from titles such as Designing Astro Socks to protect astronauts’ feet in microgravity to designing one’s own space station, CNET reported on Friday. 

The curriculum includes 3D design challenges, Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and data analysis lessons. 

Most of the courses would require three or four 50-minute time commitments and would cost around $2 to $3 (roughly Rs. 140 to Rs. 210) per student. 

The partnership between the companies was a result of a meeting at the International Society for Technology Educators Conference in 2018, according to Karon Weber, Partner Director at the Microsoft Education Workshop, the report said. 

The course is also intended to create exposure to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules by asking students to detect seasons from biome images. 

Students would require Windows 10 and a Microsoft Office subscription to finish the class. 

In 2018, Microsoft teamed with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to bring similar lesson plans.

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